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It is our goal to not only enhance our student’s artistic abilities but to also inspire and encourage new ideas. We strive for our students to take away the skills and understanding that they've acquired through their studies here at our studio and apply it to their own artistic endeavors. Art is evolving with time, merging with various technologies and is being created through multiple kinds of media. We aid our students in this time of great technological advancement to better adapt and face the challenges of newly emerging mediums.


林老師畢業於紐約視覺藝術學院(School of Visual Arts)。她曾指導許多學生完成作品集,申請進入頂尖大學。也曾為一些公司及個人設計過品牌、商標、網頁,攝影和產品包裝。 同時也精通各種繪畫/插畫技巧,及動畫設計技術。他將以他的知識與經驗激發學生的創意和針對每個學生的需求給予個別指導。

Miss. Lin is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has instructed many students on their portfolios and has successfully helped them get into numerous top universities and colleges. Miss. Lin has a rich experience in graphic design, web design, photography and illustration with expertise in animation. She is also familiar with many drawing techniques, and is able to cater to each student's needs and teach accordingly.


何老師畢業於西華盛頓大學(Western Washington University) 電腦科學系及華盛頓大學工商管理碩士 (University of Washington ,MBA)。如今是一位傑出的電腦工程師。他將會指導學生電腦互動設計及行銷商學,使學生們能夠學習到關於電腦程式運用及行銷管理更專精的知識。

Mr. Ho graduated from the Western Washington University with a BFA in Computer engineering and the University of Washington with a master's degree in Business Administration. He is now working as a successful computer engineer. He will instruct students on the principles of digital design as well as business and marketing. Student will learn to be proficient in all standard industry software and, additionally, be well-versed in business.


金老師曾就讀於芝加哥美術學院(School of Art Institute of Chicago)及紐約視覺藝術學院(School of Visual Arts),是一位優秀的平面設計師。曾在日本JET Program擔任英文及藝術指導老師的他擁有豐富的教學經驗。在金老師的指導之下,不單單只是加強學生在藝術方面的敏感度,更能提高學生的英文水平。

Miss. Kim has a BFA degree from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She is an excellent Graphic Designer and was involved with the JET program, teaching English and Art in Japan. Not only will students benefit from her artistic knowledge they will also have the opportunity to gain a better grasp of the English Language, if needed.




Mrs. Xu is accomplished in Chinese traditional painting and has accumulated years of teaching experience. Once an instructor at Gou Yu Zhen Chinese Art Studio in Taiwan, she now teaches at the Langley community center in Canada. She has held many exhibitions in both Taiwan and Canada. With years of experience and masterful artistry under her belt Mrs. Xu will guide every student with care.


     Yuki就读于(Emily Carr University of

     Art & Design)艾米丽卡尔大学主攻视



     态度积极, 对学生细心,关心。Yuki很




      Yuki Xiang studied in Emily Carr University

      of art and design , is majored in illustration.                 She is creative and passionate about art

      and devotes all her energy into innovative                   ideas. She has positive attitude and is                         attentive and caring towards her students.                 Yuki is excited to share her talents and art                   skills with her students to create a fun                         learning environment.