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About Us

It is our goal to not only enhance our student’s artistic abilities but to also inspire and encourage new ideas. We strive for our students to take away the skills and understanding that they've acquired through their studies here at our studio and apply it to their own artistic endeavors. Art is evolving with time, merging with various technologies and is being created through multiple kinds of media. We aid our students in this time of great technological advancement to better adapt and face the challenges of newly emerging mediums.

Joan Lin

Joan Lin is a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in New York. She has instructed many students on their portfolios and has successfully helped them get into numerous top universities and colleges. Miss. Lin has a rich experience in graphic design, web design, photography and illustration with expertise in animation. She is also familiar with many drawing techniques, and is able to cater to each student's needs and teach accordingly.

Emily Hsu

Emily Hsu is accomplished in Chinese traditional painting and has accumulated years of teaching experience. Once an instructor at Gou Yu Zhen Chinese Art Studio in Taiwan, she now teaches at the Langley community center in Canada. She has held many exhibitions in both Taiwan and Canada. With years of experience and masterful artistry under her belt Mrs. Xu will guide every student with care.

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