Muse Design Studio Online lesson

You can webcam with me while staying at home!

Basically you are allow to take any classes with this class online.

This is the time for us to keep social distance and not go out as much as possible but at the same time, we should still be productive while staying home and not waste our precious time. Muse today offers online classes and you can still enjoy doing art at home! As long as you have a phone, iPad, or computer and simple materials we can make it happen! Although it might be hard for everyone to have enough materials at home, we encourage students to do some basic skills training with us such as observational drawings, human anatomy, and perspective drawings.

Digital Painting Lesson

This course is focusing on learning how to paint and draw digitally. The course will be covering the basic skills of drawings such as inking, colouring, editing, and use of their devices. Students do not need to worry about with no any basic skills, we will start from their levels. The course will also be covering the base character designs and computer graphics.

Professional Design Program

The “Professional Design Course” target students with keen interests in design or other areas of studies related to design. Students will experience the entire creative process in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. With our instructions, not only will the student learn different techniques, but will also learn how to analyze their own work and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Becoming more proficient through practice and a personal understanding. Our goal is to let the students experiment for themselves, and in the process, discover their interests and talents, thus being able to hone in on a major they desire.

DADA Creative Program

We strive to use different materials and techniques to inspire our younger students and bring out the fun in art. While our younger students hone their creative talents with subjects that suit their interests, we incorporate our basic training exercises into each project. This makes the learning process exciting and enjoyable.

Chinese Painting Program

The “Chinese Painting Course” is for students with the desire to learn Chinese traditional arts. In this course, students will learn how to utilize various line qualities to be able to paint mountains, rivers, flowers and birds. Students will also be instructed on composition and color theory, broadening their understanding of Chinese traditional painting.

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